Selling a Leasehold property – what should you be aware of?

As we all know purchasing a Leasehold property is not always as straightforward as purchasing a Freehold property.  Susan Robinson of Optima Legal has written a note on the particular issues and problems surrounding Leasehold properties, aimed at mortgagees in possession but these issues have as much relevance to any purchaser intending to acquire a Leasehold property.  The following are the main points to consider:-
Service charge over-claimed
Validity of service charge demands 
Limited period to claim service charge
Payments not authorised by the lease 
Fraudulent management companies
Challenging administration fees 
Defective leases 
Requirements on Assignment
You can read Susan’s full note here
What do you think are the main issues arising from a Leasehold transaction and what can you do to combat those issues?
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