Search Acumen Goes from Strength to Strength

London, October 16th 2013:  Search Acumen – the new business launched by Mark Riddick and Andrew Lloyd – is delighted to announce that Andy Sommerville is joining the business — this brings together three of the main players behind the creation and subsequent market dominance and leadership of SearchFlow.   All three sold their stakes in SearchFlow in 2006 and subsequently left the business. The aim is to recreate their success with a service more suited to the current market requirements.  
Managing Director of Search Acumen, Andrew Lloyd, commented:  “I know Andy will hit the ground running.  I have worked with him for ten years and I think our complimentary skills make for a great partnership.  We have listened to the market, taking extensive soundings, and we have subsequently built a service that understands and delivers to our prospective customer’s requirements.”
Chair of Search Acumen, Mark Riddick, said: “I am delighted Andy is joining the business.   He is a first class operator with unrivalled reach and relationships in the market. Combining Andy’s skills with Andrew Lloyd’s operational and technical expertise creates a powerful management partnership at the head of a committed, capable and cohesive team.  That’s why we called the business Search Acumen — to emphasise the agility, understanding and empathy that Andy and the rest of the team bring to the market.  On a personal note, I have worked with Andy for 25 years in the search marketplace and I am thrilled that we are working together again.”
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