Risk and Compliance Management System launched by Riliance

Riliance provides web based risk and compliance software within the legal marketplace and, in order to coincide with the changes being made in the legal sector, recently launched the new risk and compliance software.
The software has been launched in a bid to combat the significant increase in the time required for regulatory and compliance issues.  Developed by Brian Rogers, a risk and compliance expert with 20 years in the legal profession, in partnership with Primogen, a bespoke software development company, the system is “easy to use, intuitive and a cost effective solution for those working in the highly regulated legal sector”.
Brian, who is a well known compliance expert, identified that both regulatory and compliance issues needed to be kept under control without increasing the time spent.
Brian says:
“Under the new changes all firms will have to appoint compliance officers (COLP & COFA) with the role of COLP having to be held by a practising lawyer who has been approved by the SRA.  This position comes with considerable responsibility and the added workload needed to fulfil this role could reduce the fee earning capability of the post-holder by up to 50%!”
Riliance believe that they can reduce the burden.  The system instils a structured risk and compliance culture and will considerably reduce the time required to manage data, produce reports and also complete any SRA audit.
As someone who has spent decades working with legal practices and legal software providers Mark Gidge, who has invested in Riliance, joins Riliance as CEO.
Mark comments:
“I am extremely excited about the prospects for this product and believe it adds real value to firms who use it, it helps to engender a firm wide culture of compliance and will help to reduce breaches of the SRA Handbook. It could also potentially reduce the cost of PI cover when Insurers understand how well the firm deals with compliance matters.
We have also recognised that the cost of software can sometimes be prohibitive and we have been able to formulate a cost effective pricing policy allowing Riliance to be available to all firms for £150 per month”.
For more information on Riliance call 0845 362 3250 or visit the website here.
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