Richard Mathias calls for support to launch LFS Property Chain Manager.

Richard Mathias the Sales Director of Law Firm Services has launched his new Property Chain Manager product today at his Law Firm Services Conference.  Saying that he recognises to make it work he will need volunteers to come forward to help demonstrate to the market the benefit.
In a passionate presentation Richard explained that following the Land Registry Chain Matrix and the Law Society Portal there is a broad need for a chain matrix to save costs for conveyancers and improve the home moving process.
Richard said that,”it can often take considerable numbers of telephone calls to arrange a completion date.  This can often take more than three days and in this day and age that isn’t acceptable”
He is calling for support and seeking volunteers to help him get the product off the ground.
Richard explained that he has three objectives:-
1)      To deliver a view of chain to estate agents and lawyers through an online user interface which Richard demonstrated as not having the “20 or so milestones that appeared in Land Registry chain matrix”.
2)      To improve communication estate agents and law firms by enabling them to leave messages for each other
3)      Help coordinate completion dates through an online diary system.
Richard envisages law firms passing the cost of this service on to clients as a disbursement.
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