Requesting historic copies can now be done online

Historic copies of title registers and title plans can be requested by business customers online.

By using HM Land Registry’s (HMLR) portal, business customers are now able to apply for the historic copies using an application form HC1.

Part of HMLR’s digital overhaul, the introduction of this service follows consumer feedback, enabling customers to lodge every type of preliminary application online.

Where cost is concerned, this will depend on the type of document required, with the fee for lodging a request through the portal varying.

According to HMLR, a historic copy of a title:

  • Register will be £3
  • Plan will be £7
  • Both in the same application will be £7

Whilst this information is correct as of now (13/09/17), HMLR have warned that fees may change over time.

A request for a historic copy of a register is classed by the Registry as a preliminary application. These are used to largely to locate information often required before an application is sent to update the register.

Information on making a HC1 application can be accessed here.

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