Make sure your details are up to date

The renewals period to update practising certificates is just 2 months away.

Set to run from the 2 October to 31 October, the renewals period provides legal practitioners with the opportunity to ensure that their details are up to date.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority advise that this is done through the mySRA account portal, for which guidance can be found here.

The SRA has also stated that the indicative practising fees for 2017/18 have been agreed.

Contributions are growing for the first time in three years, in order to ensure that funding is sufficient to cover high-value claims on the Compensation Fund. This has been attributed to the involvement of solicitors in fraudulent schemes.

The SRA also drew attention to the competence requirements for solicitors, who no longer need to count hours spent for continuing professional development. A new approach to continuing competence has instead been adopted, with a refreshed need to reflect on practice quality as well as looking at development and learning needs.

Solicitors will be required to declare that that have done this over the past year as part of the renewal application.

The mySRA portal can be accessed here.

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