Reminder: Cancellation of requisitions from 16 November

HM Land Registry have reminded conveyancers that it will resume cancelling applications with outstanding requests for information (requisitions) from 16 November 2020.

In an article on, the reasoning is explained:

At the start of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic the cancellation of applications with outstanding requisitions was paused. This was done to give all of our customers additional time to gather the information they needed during these unusual times. However, as there are now an increasing number of applications that cannot be processed and are delayed, (we currently have approximately 100,000 applications in this category), we need to reintroduce the practice.

HMLR will resume cancellations in a gradual way, starting with the oldest applications and working forward over the next six months. This means conveyancers will not be receiving all their warnings of cancellation at the same time.

In order to help deal with the backlog, HMLR have requested that conveyancers do not wait until they receive a reminder letter to respond to any outstanding requisitions. Applications for outstanding requisitions can be found on the conveyancer’s HM Land Registry portal under the new View My Applications service where all the documents relating to all applications made through the portal are stored.

HMLR have advised that if you require more time to respond to a requisition, you can continue to ask for that as you did before. Requests can be made using reply to requisition, Application Enquiry, the website contact form or by phone.

HMLR have also advised that it will not be reinstating new cancellation dates in new requisitions, instead, they will continue to be issued without a cancellation date.

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