QualitySolicitors Martin Tolhurst signs up to Conveyancing Association ‘Pledges’

QualitySolicitors Martin Tolhurst has signed up to the first ever set of customer service commitments for conveyancing.

The Pledges, which go further than existing regulation and accreditation schemes, were launched by the Conveyancing Association (CA) to ensure that consumers get the best possible customer service when buying or selling their home.

Richard Carter, Managing Partner, QualitySolicitors Martin Tolhurst said: “The Conveyancing Association is the body that represents the biggest conveyancing providers in England and Wales.

“We belong to that group and we are all serious about improving conveyancing services. These pledges show this commitment and ensure that both clients and lenders can have confidence in the service we provide."

Eddie Goldsmith, CA Chairman, said: “These Pledges go above and beyond the requirements of our members’ regulators and industry accreditation schemes such as the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS).

“Importantly, they also bring licensed conveyancers who can’t use CQS into the fold, thereby bringing the whole industry of specialist conveyancers together in a groundbreaking initiative.

“What the Conveyancing Association adds is a culture of fairness that sets the tone for the service our members provide, whether they are dealing with a large mortgage lender, a family buying their first flat together, or a conveyancer elsewhere on the chain.”

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