‘Property Passport’ Set For Rental Properties

A system for rented properties which enables landlords and tenants to check the information on rental properties is said to be one step closer to being implemented.

It has been announced that the government is set to open up it’s Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) system, which it previously kept secret.

The Lettings Industry Council (TLIC) made the announcement, which wields the positive result following years of lobbying in an attempt to reveal this ‘secret’ data.

The ‘property passport’ will contain a raft of information regarding a rental property and will be available from 1 July to home owners and non-commercial organisations.

Theresa Wallace, Chair of TLIC, said:

“The next phase of the TLIC vision is to engage with stakeholders in the industry, such as GasSafe, CRM system providers, deposit schemes and electrical safety certificate suppliers to adopt the UPRN as their property reference number on all certification and documentation.”

She added:

“Then, with the development of the Property Passport, the UPRN can be used much like a car number plate, to check safety requirements on privately rented properties have been completed.

“This will give tenants the peace of mind that their property has passed all of its checks and the Local Authorities the transparency they need for improved enforcement.”

Speaking to the publication LandlordZONE the TLIC said:

The Energy Performance of Buildings (EPC) register is already using the UPRN as their address identifier within their new website and The Property Ombusdman has also started collecting the data on a voluntary basis with a view of integrating this into their complaints process.”

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