Properties lodged for registration drops during April

April saw a drop in the number of properties lodged for registration. According to HM Land Registry data, the total fell month-on-month by 21153.

Price Paid Data from HM Land Registry sets out the details of residential and commercial land and property sales in England and Wales. During March 2017, 75,412 sales were lodged for registration.

As well as the total number of lodged registrations, the data also specifies the type of property as well as the price paid.

Of those that were registered:

  • 19,858 were terraced
  • 18,504 were semi-detached
  • 16,271 were detached
  • 15,042 were flats/maisonette
  • 5,737 were classed as other

Just under three-quarters of the property sales lodged during April were freehold (72%), a monthly fall of 2%. The proportion of new builds also saw a month-on-month fall, dropping from 15% to 12%. Where sales were concerned, figures also declined during April, falling from 33,024 in March to 22,546.

In terms of the most expensive sale during April, a flat in Knightsbridge topped the residential chart, selling for £90 million. At the other end of the scale, the cheapest residential sales took place in Ferryhill and Bishop Auckland, with two terraced properties selling for £10,000.

Commercially speaking, April’s most expensive sale took place in Camden, where a property sold for £98,446,300. The cheapest commercial sales for April also took place in London, with sales in Mitcham each at £500.

The full dataset can be accessed here.

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