Pressure builds for conveyancers as Scottish firm launch 7-days-a-week-service

An announcement from a Scottish firm announcing a seven-days-a-week service could put property professionals in England and Wales under pressure.

The firm says that it has reformed its service to help purchasers gain a competitive edge, enabling consumers to prepare and lodge an offer straight away on Monday morning. Gilson Gray state that working over the weekends means that consumers can contact them on Saturday or Sunday, discuss the property and agree a price, meaning they no longer have to wait until the following week to speak to a conveyancer.

Debbie McCathie, head of residential conveyancing at the firm, stated that whilst similar services have been offered by firms, they don’t meet the same standard in terms of providing a ‘genuine partner-led service’.

Slightly different to the conveyancing process in England and Wales, prospective buyers in Scotland will be assisted in preparing an offer by their solicitor. Where there are multiple offers, the solicitor on the other side of the transaction will help the seller choose which to accept.

Commenting on the seven-days-a-week service and the benefits it could bring for consumers, McCathie stated: ‘Traditionally, people look at a range of properties over the weekend and if they see one, they have to wait until Monday to contact their solicitor. By the time they have tracked them down, discussed its merits, agreed a price and submitted a formal offer to the sellers, it could be late in the day or even into the Tuesday.’

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