Be Kind, We Care

While the UK’s succession of lockdowns brought the shutters crashing down on many sectors, the residential property market remained very much open for business throughout the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Indeed, as a result of the rallying calls of Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick and Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s announcement of a Stamp Duty Holiday, many of those associated with facilitating moves found themselves incredibly busy during the past year and continue to do so.

The latest PLS POD – featuring managing director Dan Hickey and the chairman of the Conveyancing Foundation, Lloyd Davies – reflects on this unexpectedly hectic chapter in property’s history.

Talking candidly about the challenges and constraints posed by COVID-19, the podcast explores how employees within law firms and estate agencies have had to juggle the unrelenting demands of work with the realities of operating remotely.

Lloyd Davies describes the sector as having had “a shock to the system” and urges people “to be kind” and remember that those conveyancing are trying their best in difficult circumstances.

Similarly, Dan Hickey talks about the industry finding itself in “extremely foreign territory” and of the paradox of feeling grateful for work given the wider economic gloom while at the same time having to deal with the additional stresses of delivering services during lockdown.

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