Philip Armstrong reflects on his ’viral’ conveyancing video

Following on from the overwhelming response to last week’s LinkedIn video, Armstrong Solicitor’s Philip Armstrong reflects on the impact the video has had around the sector, the feedback he has had from fellow practitioners and the key lessons he feels we should take away from the sentiments shared.

The video, shared by Today’s Conveyancer last week, has now had a staggering 8,200 views, 40 shares and over 178 comments on LinkedIn.

In his latest video Philip describes the response to the post as “bizarre.” He explains most of his videos are simply to convey his experiences as a conveyancing practitioner and business owner in Northern Ireland.

“I wanted to thank everyone who commented and engaged with the post.”

“I think you should be thanking each other. What the feedback and the comments have shown is that we are all in the same boat in terms of pressure, stress and expectations and the demands we have to deal with on a day to day basis.”

And while the messages of support and empathy have been welcome, In this week’s video Philip wants to highlight another important message around risk management and learning the lessons of 2007/08.

“Part of the post last week talked about the pressure incumbent on the solicitor at the moment.

“Being forced to make lots of decisions under pressure potentially leads to those decisions being bad decisions and coming back to haunt you.”

“2007 saw insurers recognise that some of the decisions made at the time come back to haunt conveyancers.”

“Lessons have been learnt, process has improved as has supervision. We need to be mindful we don’t go down the same path again. We need to be mindful of not putting pressure on our professional colleagues to rush transactions through.”

Philip reflects that in busy conveyancing offices seeking out the opinion of colleagues can help with making difficult decisions.

Recognising the challenges for sole practitioners in seeking out advice, he suggests that the sentiment shared in the comments and direct messages he has received point to an industry that can work together to support one another and not place one another under undue pressure.

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  • test

    The first video was much needed and I took the time to share it with our conveyancing team who were feeling battered by constant abuse. It was comforting to realise that we were not the only firm to be on the receiving end of this. The fee earners have been so stressed and for the younger ones they take the abuse very personally, as you can imagine. They now understand that this is indeed a national problem.

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