Peter Sowerby – a tribute from Today’s Conveyancer

Yesterday everyone at Today’s Conveyancer were all very saddened to hear the news that Peter Sowerby had passed away.

Peter has been an incredibly well-known figure within the conveyancing search sector for many years and was hugely respected and liked.  His sense of humour and honest approach to business will be missed.

Whilst Peter had been battling a terminal prostate cancer diagnosis over the last few years, he did not let this get in the way of him making the most out of life. Instead, he took this devastating news and turned it into a positive, embarking on a series of challenges to raise awareness and funds for Prostate UK.

In 2017, he successfully completed a London Marathon, a 29-hour bike ride and a 2.5 mile swim in Madeira, with his courageous and determined efforts raising over £30,000. This is not to forget the crucial and life changing impact which his actions had for thousands of men, prompting them to get checked.

Expressing their sadness upon hearing the news were Andrew Lloyd and Andy Somerville of Search Acumen.

In a message shared on the company’s LinkedIn page, they stated: ‘Peter took a difficult situation and used it to positively raise awareness by speaking at several industry events. Never one to be a wallflower or crumble in the face of adversity, his tenacity has made 1,000’s of men aware of the importance of being checked. In fact, a number of men have actually received an early diagnosis as a direct result of Peter’s advice to get checked.

‘We know that Peter would want us to highlight the two things he was passionate about: Awareness (find out why men should have a PSA check) and Fundraise for Prostate Cancer UK. Donations and condolences can be given at Peter’s Just Giving page.

‘Here at Search Acumen, we are taking comfort in the happy memories we have shared with Peter. A tour-de-force of enthusiasm; he was most happy when he was at work. We are honoured to have had him as a founding member of the team, we will never forget him.’

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    Very fond memories of a lovely man. More passion, enthusiasm and tenacity in his little finger than most other people have in their whole bodies. When I first formed the Bold Legal Group (Bold Group then) and shared a speaking platform with him, I was rubbish, and he told me so! Made me up my game and that definitely helped me turn the BLG into what it is today. Thank you Peter mate. RIP X

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