Over half of legal professionals believe email poses the greatest security risk, new research reveals

DX, a leading independent mail, parcels and logistics end-to-end network operator in the UK and Ireland, has today released new research that shows 57% of legal professionals in the UK believe email constitutes the greatest security risk to their business, compared to just 24% who believe physical breaches pose a greater risk.

The research from DX, conducted via a survey of 100 professionals working in legal departments and law firms in the UK, looked at attitudes towards data security in the UK’s legal sector.

The survey also revealed that over half of legal professionals know of at least one incident in the last 12 months when an email had been sent to the wrong person, and 80% of these emails had been sent to at least one external recipient. This issue is has grown in importance in the legal industry following a number of high profile data breaches related to misdirected emails, so much so that the Information Commissioner’s Office has repeatedly emphasised the importance of encrypting data so that it is protected in the event of misdirection or loss.

In order to address this issue, DX has recently launched eDX, a secure electronic document exchange service designed to help law firms share sensitive data with external third parties. Powered by Egress Switch, the only UK Government certified email encryption product, eDX enables law firms to encrypt and secure emails and files of any size and format.

Paul Doble, chief sales and marketing officer, at DX said:

"For an industry that is built on client confidentiality and trust, the figures from our legal survey are very alarming. Email is clearly a necessary communication medium in today’s working world, but individuals need to ensure they are doing the minimum due diligence required to ensure that confidential information isn’t being shared with the wrong person or left vulnerable to attack.

"In addition to providing this vital protection, email encryption can also provide the missing piece in the jigsaw that law firms need to satisfy industry regulators, as it will allow them to demonstrate that they are compliant with the latest data protection regulations."

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