Outcome Focused Regulation for Conveyancers

The Law Society are inviting you to regional seminars which are being held across England and Wales.  The seminars’, named ‘Outcome Focused Regulation for Conveyancers’, will clarify new obligations and responsibilities, helping you overcome the new challenges that the industry now face.
For more information you can visit The Law Society’s website, alternatively take a look at our Calendar pages.  The seminars are being run throughout September, October and November and are “crucial to all conveyancers (both Managing and Senior Partners)” say The Law Society.
Pricing for the seminars is as follows:
Members of Property Section £75 + VAT
Members of the Law Society £150 + VAT
Members of the Law Society working for NFPs £95 + VAT
Members of the Law Society wishing to join the Property Section – Membership fee until 31 Dec 2011 – £240 + VAT
Non-member of the Law Society £275 + VAT
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