Original documents no longer needed for first registration lodgements

Conveyancers can now lodge first registration applications without the need for original deeds and documents being sent, from this week (28th November 2016).

This will be enabled through the publication of a Registrar’s Direction, which will mean certified copy deeds and documents can be provided instead of the originals. Specific conditions will be outlined in the Direction.

As well as streamlining the internal process, this will also allow professional customers to be dealt with more consistently by Land Registry.

The same practices can be applied when the following are lodged:

  • Supporting documents to a first registration application
  • Supporting documents to update an existing register

Following the change, exploration of electronic first registration lodgement will also be considered through use of the portal.

First registration applications lodged with original documents and deeds will still be able to be submitted.

The change has been reflected in the updated Practice Guide 1 (PG1): first registrations, with the details set out in the Registrars Direction.

In relation to first registrations which have been lost or destroyed, policy surrounding documents and deeds in support has not changed. In these circumstances, Practice Guide 2 should be followed.

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