One in five conveyancers and estate agents define the house moving process as an “absolute nightmare”

The Conveyancing Association has launched a course aimed at getting Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers to understand the conveyancing process after it emerged one in every five conveyancers and estate agents collectively view the process as an “absolute nightmare”

The £59 course includes three modules all designed to help agents and brokers understand what’s going on in the conveyancing process to help them work with all parties to avoid sales falling through and help exchanges progress faster.

The course is open to both new starters and more experienced professionals who want to know what is happening in the conveyancer’s office and want to understand both the terminology used and the process taken.

Within the three modules, delegates will cover a number of different topics including: the role of the parties in the process; contractual liabilities; registration; tenure; caveat emptor, rights or easements; restrictions; covenants, overriding interests; and lender requirements.

The modules include:

  1. Learning what conveyancing is, all about the parties involved in the transaction and when contractual liabilities come into play during the house moving process.
  2. Finding out about one of the most complex elements of land law, tenure, as well as those things which impact property ownership such as covenants, restrictions and easements.
  3. Discovering what the conveyancing process really involves with a full, animated walk-through of the process and top tips on how to can keep the transaction moving while preventing fall-throughs.

The CA also offers a similar course as an ‘Introduction to Conveyancing’ which is aimed at acclimatising new starters into any conveyancing department. It too covers both terminology and process as part of an individual’s induction training.

Lloyd Davies, Operations Director at the Conveyancing Association, said: “In a recent survey conducted by the CA of both agents and conveyancers, one in five defined the home-moving process as an ‘absolute nightmare, while 61% of agents said they’d experienced difficulties obtaining information. Conveyancers themselves said they struggled with the lack of agents’ understanding about their role. There is clearly an information and communication disconnect here that, if fixed, should provide significant benefits to all stakeholders and make for a much smoother conveyancing process for all concerned.

“To that end, we’ve developed this progression training course for agents and mortgage brokers to provide them with a much fuller understanding of the conveyancing terminology and the process. We’re hoping that, by having this knowledge, these professionals will be able to head off any potential problems before they can delay the process, which will hopefully make for a much quicker move to exchange.

“Each module in the course is delivered via an interactive and audio-visual e-learning system and covers off procedural, regulatory and customer best-practice for property professionals. Plus at just £59 per delegate, we believe this is a cost-effective way of getting all staff up to speed with conveyancing and, via this greater understanding, we can help create a far slicker and much more satisfactory experience for all.”

Full details on the course can be found at:

Training for Estate Agents

Today's Conveyancer