Not just telling clients what they want to hear the key to great service according to ESTAS winner

Providing a great service through being easily contactable but also not just telling clients what they want to hear is one of the keys to success according to ESTAs winning firm Mander Cruikshank.

Shani Box, the QualitySolicitors networked firm’s Head Conveyancer said winning the award was a great validation of how they do business as a small market town firm.

Shani, who’s been in the industry over 20 years, says the fact that the award was voted for by their clients made it all the more special.

Shani said: “We were very pleased to have won, we don’t win much and it’s nice to be recognised as a small market town firm; we’ve never entered before. It was a good evening all round.

“Our percentage on client satisfaction was 98% which is considerable. The award was done through a Q&A and we heard a few clients put in comments about how happy they were with our service, but it’s confidential so we don’t know all of what was said or who said it.

“Moving is a massively successful time, and the fact that this is an award from the clients rather than applying and there being a judge on the end of a phone, it’s great.”

Shani joined the firm two years ago. She also revealed a few of the reasons she believes they won the award and why their customers are so happy.

She continued: “I think it’s fundamentally about providing good service; we have the qualified staff and Saturday morning openings, and we make sure we reply to emails straight away, you really have to be on the ball. it’s not anything genius, it’s just about serving your clients.

“It’s about getting stuff right and not just telling them what they want to hear. We get a lot of local business so we have to make sure we’re honest and efficient with people. It’s not particularly complicated.

“We still get a lot of business in off the street, the Saturday morning opening is very popular. We have lots of clients in the area that are builders, sow e get lots of work through them.

“We still value the clients on the street and the local area, but there’s always bigger work from out of area. There is definitely still a place for the smaller firm. We’re online and on Twitter and we get a lot through Facebook nowadays, people who know what you do, and it’s great to keep a bit of that.”

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