New research into innovation

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) are launching a new research project into innovation in the legal services market, in partnership with the Legal Services Board.

The University of Warwick will conduct the research, which will build on findings published by independent charity, Nesta, in 2009.

The research will explore the reasons for innovation in business practice, such as in service delivery or business models, rather than legal practice innovation. It will investigate the impact of competition on the development of new business approaches, how well innovative change serves the needs of people using the services and the barriers to greater innovation.

The first phase of the work will involve a literature review and interviews with around 20 organisations across the legal sector. The focus of the second phase of work will be dependent on initial findings. It will involve a larger scale quantitative assessment of innovation in legal services.

Richard Collins, SRA Executive Director, said: “There has been considerable change in the market with existing firms developing new ways to market their services to consumers and alternative business structures starting to establish themselves. We are seeing interesting trends in the use of legal process outsourcing and in employment structures within firms.”

A final report on the first phase is expected to be delivered in spring 2015.


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