Neighbourhood planning receives more support from government

Expert advice and guidance will be made accessible to more communities across England in a bid to help them achieve their ‘neighbourhood vision’.

In a recent announcement made by Housing Minister Dominic Raab, a fund of £23 million will help local groups to develop a neighbourhood plan, aiming to provide people with a greater say in development which is planned for their area.

As well as looking at where homes, schools and businesses should be built, it will also include the relevant infrastructure required to support this.

In addition, a range of free help – including planning expertise and financial support – will also be made accessible to community groups, all with an aim to direct them through the process of putting together a neighbourhood plan.

In terms of the size of the grants available to communities, the limit has been extended to £17,000, with an aim to provide access to more resources.

According to the government, over 2,300 communities across England have begun the process of creating a neighbourhood plan. With 530 having been approved in local referendums.

Commenting on the fund and the effectiveness of neighbourhood plans, Dominic Raab stated: “Neighbourhood plans are a powerful tool to help communities shape their local area, making sure the right homes are built in the right places.

“It’s vital that communities have the right support and advice available to help deliver a plan that meets their own ambitious aspirations. That’s why I’m making £23 million available that will help more groups to do this.”

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