Moving With the Times – Conveyancing Conference

Firstly if you would have liked to have come along but can’t attend don’t worry we will be recording the event and will be hoping to make it available to people in the coming weeks.
We are now in the final couple of days before our conference and looking at the attendee list, the presentations of the speakers and the exhibitors it looks as if there will be lots of ideas and opportunities for delegates to think about once they have left the conference.
All delegates should have received an email setting out arrangement for the day and confirming attendance.  Some delegates are finding that their firewalls may have blocked the email because it contained hyperlinks. If you have not received your email please call Chris Harris on 07983 485490 or email him on [email protected].
If you like to twitter you can follow the event at #MWTconf.
All the delegates have got some very interesting slides but of particular interest to many will be Jennifer Bourne’s strong comments on the lender panel reductions and conveyancer fraud, Steve Ray’s observations on the professional indemnity insurance market and also the views of Desmond Hudson on what the Law Society expects from its own members.
The exhibitors and sponsors also have a series of new products that could help you differentiate your service from others in the market and Today’s Conveyancer recommends that you take time to talk with each of the exhibitors.  Some of the brands are familiar others aren’t.  Whilst you may think you know what they have to offer you may well be surprised.
Finally lots of people have asked if there is a dress code in the day or evening.  The short answer is that there isn’t one but we expect most people to wear in the evening what they wear in the day and given that there will be lots of competitors and organisations that buy conveyancing there we would expect most people to be in suits.
We think that the day is going to give attendees a great opportunity to review how they plan to succeed in this rapidly changing market and we hope you will find the day enjoyable.
I look forward to seeing you there.
Chris Harris
Today's Conveyancer