Movers and Shakers – 30 Oct 2020

Here at Today’s Conveyancer, we wanted to share with you the good news we’ve had within in the industry of professionals joining firms and those who have moved up the promotional ladder.

This week we’ve seen the following announcements with regards to appointments and promotions:

    • Jesper With-Fogstrup has been appointed as CEO at ULS Technology. Jesper will start his role in 2021
    • David Cox is joining Rightmove.
    • Sarah Edwards has left JMW Solicitors and is now creating a new conveyancing department at Beyond Corporate
    • Sarah Major has left Gorvins and is now Head of Conveyancing at Harold Stock and Co
    • Kimberley Derbyshire has lest Harold Stock and Co and is now working at Walsh Solicitors
    • Kay Morris has left Quality Solutions Davisons and joined Garner Canning Limited

If your firm has any recruitment news please let us know at [email protected]

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