Move with Us upgrade technology

Residential property company Move with Us, have upgraded their online client portal to allow their clients to manage property portfolios in real time.

The company hopes this will dramatically reduce the time required to manage property information, produce reports and ensure sales are as smooth as possible.

Some of the new features include:

– Simplified user journey and speed to access information

– Enhanced Google mapping portfolio awareness

– Simple instruction tools for new referrals

– Live cost analysis providing running totals of expenditure and sale proceeds

– Enhanced property images

– Maintenance and rental summaries in real time

– Secure access to documents and property information

– Advanced “search” facility allowing quick access to your entire portfolio

– Images and direct contact details of your Move with Us team members

Robin King, Director at Move with Us, said: “Whilst we recognised the strength of our existing online systems, we felt it was important to push forward using better technology to offer a new experience in line with our clients’ changing needs.

“The improvements to the online client portal have ensured that we remain a market leader in our field and we are pleased to show this to our clients.

“We are dedicated to providing a complete service offering and the new system is just one of the ways that we are achieving this.

“With real-time information on each property that we sell or manage on behalf of our clients, we are confident that we are supplying service levels that support their property requirements.”

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