Move with Us produce property hotspot map

A new buy-to-let property hotspot heat-map will give investors insight into which areas in England and Wales offer the best rental yields.

The Move with Us produced map shows that whilst prices continue to grow in London, large areas of Greater London currently return an average yield of less than 4%.

The Olympics seems to have had a big impact on yield with three of the top five Greater London postcodes clustered within sight of the Olympic area returning yields of over 7%.

It is Birmingham rather than London that accounts for the top spot with the highest gross rental yield in England and Wales at 10.6% found in the B7 area. Birmingham accounts for three postal districts in the top ten.

Sean King, Chief Executive Officer at Move with Us, said: “Landlords looking to maximise yield will need to look outside of Central London.

“Commuter belts to the west and east of London are clearly yield hot spots as renters look to access the capital’s work and social opportunities without the cost of renting a Central London property.

“The study looks at two-bedroom properties for sale and for rent and identifies that the highest yields are scattered widely across regions and mainly outside of Greater London.

"The combination of lower capital costs and reasonable rental prices has delivered gross yields in the range of 8.7% to 10.6% in the top ten yielding postal districts.”

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