Modular homes factory established in Liverpool

The region’s first factory dedicated to the construction of modular homes has been established in Liverpool.

Entrepreneurial business duo, Luke Barnes and Graham Owens, set up Ideal Modular Homes in response to what they viewed as a quality decline in the modular construction industry.

In order to help ensure that the homes are built to a consistent standard, which they state is above current regulations, the pair are working collaboratively with Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS).

The business operates 24 hours a day from its facility in Speke, employing 150 members of staff.

As well as the unit construction, the company’s services also include a full in-house design, as well as a team of technicians and architects which help to make sure the project is in line with the consumer’s needs. This additional cost, according to the company, is later refunded to the client.

Commenting on the business and the overarching aims was CEO, Luke Barnes. He stated: While looking into modular homes for my own development projects, I found there was a big gap in the market as there were no constructors that offered the quality, deliverability and competitive pricing I was searching for.

“Using our manufacturing design experience, we began designing Ideal’s modular system which produces high-quality living space at affordable prices – homes that people can be proud of.”

He continued: “We are looking to deliver at least 450 homes in our first year and are set to agree our first contracts in the next few weeks. By continuing to invest heavily in both our staff and our machinery, we will increase our efficiency and within the next four years, we will be able to deliver at least 1,500 homes per year.”

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    Please focus on setting higher standards of design and innovation in the modular homes world. Get people to aspire to having an engineered product. Brand is critical in building a business. Design with added value, e.g. loft opening trimmed out for future staircase. Optional add on single storey room but with simple prep ready, use floor space for storage if hard surfaces, Trim floor for a lift in the future all these things and more are pence when done on a production line but give customer added value and it builds a Brand.

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