Minnow Clutton Cox gain massive web presence – a small firm success story – 24th June 2010

Some would say all small firms are doomed … “it’s so tough to get business in the conveyancing market small firms haven’t got a chance to compete for business as their brands are so weak. Tesco Law is coming, long live Tesco law!”
So we interviewed what the partners themselves call “a typical High Street practice dealing with Conveyancing, Wills an Probate” with only two full time solicitors, a part time Consultant, and three other staff and held them out as a refreshingly successful and innovative internet business you might be surprised?
What’s more if I said their blog has resulted in them doing well through the recession and ultimately being chosen by Yell to be the first conveyancing blogger on yell.com with the first article going live this Friday and called “Conveyancing Unplugged; Your A-Z Roadmap through the Conveyancing Maze” you might be impressed.   Especially if they didn’t pay any Google ad word fees, The Wall Street Journal has contacted them as an expert in the field and Google ranked their site as 4/10 for importance when many other highly search engine optimised law firm sites fail to reach a 1/10.
Can you get as much work as your business wants from the internet?
Well have a look at the Clutton Cox website www.cluttoncox.co.uk. A South Gloucestershire firm operating out of a town called Chipping Sodbury.
The man behind the firm is Paul Hajek and he has kindly allowed us to interview him to help us learn from his success.
His view is that the “internet provides a level playing field for law firms in the battles ahead against the regional and national firms and the entrants who will inevitably increase post 2011.”
This all started when the recession caused a decline in his business and he started to learn about web marketing as a hobby. Today his internet originated volumes are significant and sustainable.
His goal is to avoid the challenges of other businesses taking over the distribution and sale of his services and to “secure power in my geographic area, by saturation on Google, Bing and Yahoo but also to extend my reach a little further. This will occur gradually as my profile and reach increases”
Research has shown that more than 60% begin looking on the internet before they actually buy or instruct .This figure will inevitably grow and will have a big bearing for conveyancers.
He went on to tell us that he “will be able to punch above my weight and have a reasonable chance of getting instructions before they are ensnared by more aggressive agents”.
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