LPL pledges personal approach

Customers of new conveyancing firm LPL will benefit from a better quality of service and a more personal approach.

Launching on the 1st August, LPL plan to take the stress out of the homebuying process by delivering a personalised and client focused service. By choosing to be contacted every 3, 5 or 7 days clients will be able to tailor the service they receive to meet their needs by choosing how frequently they wish to be contacted.

LPL will also launch “LPL-Cloud,” an interactive portal which utilises the latest technology to allow customers to track the progress of their transactions 24 hours a day 7 days a week and complete, upload and sign documents all through their computer or mobile device.

Conveyancing Director Fiaz Khalid said: “The basic principle of doing things ‘better’ drives our business model; I’m not suggesting that we will be the saviour of conveyancing nor do we intend to reinvent the wheel however given the year on year rise in complaints reaffirmed by the Legal Ombudsman report and the countless disgruntled customers and intermediaries who never received that call back I think it’s safe to say that the time for change is upon us. Each and every one of our staff have joined us because they share this belief, therefore, I have 100% confidence in the standard of service that they will deliver to our clients and introducing partners.”

LPL launches in August. For updates on the firm’s launch or to register your interest, please email [email protected] or call their new business team on 0333 305 5249.

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