London small site building programme aims to boost affordable housing

A new programme which aims to boost the number of affordable homes and use smaller builders has been launched in London.

Transport for London have been instructed by Mayor of the City Sadiq Khan to bring ten of its small sites forward for development, with two locations having been chosen for the pilot scheme.

By using a bidding process to obtain the standardised legal contracts, the aim is to improve accessibility for smaller builders, with two of the sites already earmarked for community led housing.

Of the 111 new homes set to be constructed, 68% will be affordable. Disccusions with other public sector land owners are ongoing, mainly in regard to the use of small sites for further development. Whether this programme can be utilised further in other areas of the capital is currently under review.

The scheme will go some way towards the development of affordable homes on public land within the capital, with small and medium sized builders needed to deliver the new homes and meet government targets.

Elaborating on this point was Barry Mortimer. The director of the Federation of Master Builders, London stated: ‘Indeed, over half of SME house builders believe that the number of small sites available is decreasing,’ he said.

‘This move by the Mayor of London will help bring forward a small number of small sites across the capital and give SME builders the land they are crying out for. This is a step in the right direction but if we are to address London’s housing shortage, we need many more of these initiatives going forward.’


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