Local Land Charges Searches Become More Transparent

Users of Local Land Charges (LLC) service will now be able to experience a much-improved search results following feedback from customers.

The LLC received comments from customers advising that the search results were far too complicated with excessive information that was unnecessary. The feedback resulted in a much-improved user experience by making the search results simpler and more accessible.

With the changes made, retrieving local land charges search results will now be much easier to decipher and understand, due to having no registration details included.

This enhancement to the LLC will become part of a catalogue of changes due to be made to overall improve the customer experience.

Local land charges searches are typically required in the property-buying process. Most local land charges are restrictions or prohibitions on the use of a property, such as planning permissions or listed buildings. These searches are invaluable to the user as they reveal whether a property is subject to a charge.

The increased accessibility has meant that the average time to complete a search has shortened to a few minutes rather than 39 days, which in turn has been reflected in the cost, as an official search will now be reduced from the highest fee of £85 to £15.

Mark Edwards, LLC Service Manager said:

“We have learned so much more from customers and users about how they use HM Land Registry’s Local Land Charges service and what works for them. Following their feedback, the introduction of these changes mean that we can provide a better customer service and reduce some of the work required by users to interpret LLC data. We are engaging with our user groups and are always looking to improve our service design to create the best service possible.”

Andrew Prismall, Chairman of the Association of Independent Personal Search Agents (IPSA) added:

“We are pleased to see that HM Land Registry is acting on feedback to improve its LLC service. When I proposed and recommended these changes to the IPSA membership, they were unanimously approved. Through providing feedback and working with our members, IPSA is proud to continue to collaborate with HM Land Registry to ensure the evolution of the LLC service.”

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