Legal Technology Roundtable – Come And Join In

Online Portal solutions, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, blockchain technology and a raft of other innovative digital offerings are being lauded as potential solutions to improve efficiency, reduce the time it takes to complete a legal service, mitigate online risks and provide greater communication and transparency for the consumer. 

Regulators and legal organisations have long deemed the adoption of technology in the legal sector to be one of the most important considerations a law firm should have in the present climate.

Integrating the correct technology rather than a blanket implementation of the latest fad is also seen to be crucial to law firms.

Today’s Conveyancer is proud to be running the Legal Technology Roundtable on Wednesday 4th December at The Colmore Building in Birmingham.

Delegates will explore the latest technology entering the legal sector and how it is helping to democratise legal service provision and focus on the consumer experience.

Recent Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) thematic reviews and observations have highlighted the importance of compliance and efficiency, whether it be in ensuring AML processes are robust or by implementing technology onto a website to help improve the client journey. The roundtable will explore how technology is aiding and protecting law firms.

Given the difficulties the legal sector is finding when it comes to batting illicit funds, experts from Lawyer Checker will be on hand to explain the ways technology is helping to ease the compliance burden on legal service providers in the fight against anti-money laundering and ID checking.

Valentine Podda, accelerator programme manager at Geovation, will also be looking at ‘Geovation’ and the ways their community of location-data and proptech collaborators are making positive changes to the property sector.

For insight into new technology coming to the market, existing technology improving the legal process and ways technology could help improve the client experience, the Legal Technology Roundtable is the perfect place to spend an informative day.

For further enquiries about the roundtable or any future events, please contact Grace Beech, events manager at The Practical Vision Network by emailing [email protected]

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