Legal Ombudsman to “tell it like it is”

The Legal Ombudsman (LO) is setting up a new stakeholder advisory panel just six months into looking at the service provided by solicitors.  The panel is being created in order that the LO can ask the outside world what is going well and what areas could benefit from improvements and also with the aim of offering expert and honest feedback.
Adam Sampson, Chief Legal Ombudsman commented:
“I always said before we opened our doors that, as a start-up, there would be some things which we hadn’t got right. I am really grateful that we have managed to gather together a team of knowledgeable and committed people who can help us build on the very good start that we’ve made.”
Taking the helm as Chair of the panel at their first meeting on 14th April was Sue Carr QC who welcomed the initiative commented
“As a member of the legal profession, I’m committed to the effective and fair handling, and resolution, of complaints against lawyers — for both the consumer and the professional. 
Good complaints handling systems can lead to fewer complaints against lawyers. I’m sure the panel members will work hard to pool their collective experiences and skills, to help inform the Legal Ombudsman’s business strategy and support its performance on the ground.”
The panel members are Sue Carr QC, Andrew Hopper QC, Sushila Abraham, Professor Stephen Mayson, Jeff Bell, Mike Jeacock, Nyall Farrell, Mark McLaren, Mark Cope, Ann Lewis and Ibukun Olashore with the host being Adam Sampson.
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