Legal Ombudsman releases first quarterly newsletter

The Legal Ombudsman has released the first issue of its quarterly newsletter LeO News, which shares news, views and information.
The newsletter contains a welcome from the Chair of the Board, Elizabeth France, who talks about the setting of key performance targets, and how the Legal Ombudsman aims to develop its communication with its users.  
Chief Ombudsman Adam Sampson adds to his blogs, and runs through developments in the last three months.  These include the publication of the first thematic report for 2012, ‘Costs and customer service in a changing legal services market’.  This report looks at the number and nature of complaints received by the Legal Ombudsman.  Other developments mentioned by Adam Sampson include the pressures on the legal services market from ABSs, and banks and insurance companies offering linked financial and legal products.  
The publication of the Legal Ombudsman’s Business Plan in March is also discussed by Adam Sampson, as well as a look to the future, with the second Annual Report and the first quarterly report of ombudsman decisions both due in July.  
The newsletter contains a discussion of the costs report from James Sandbach of Citizens Advice Bureau and Mehrunnisa Lalani of the SRA; a look at some case histories; and a statement as to how the Legal Ombudsman is identifying and dealing with equality matters.  
Steve Brooker of the Legal Services Consumer Panel looks at the proposals by the Legal Ombudsman to extend its jurisdiction.  There is also a look at the current consultations and some of the results of surveys and research carried out by the Ombudsman.
Anyone who wishes to subscribe to the e-newsletter can do here.
The first LeO News is available here.
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