Legal Cashier Jailed for Theft of £320K

Yesterday, conveyancing legal cashier, Sian Mclear-Dyer (29), was jailed for 2 years and 8 months by Chester Crown Court for stealing £320,000 from her licensed conveyancer employer in hundreds of smaller value thefts from the office account.

Sian Mclear-Dyer, who had worked at the firm for a number of years before committing the thefts, allegedly transferred small amounts of money on multiple occasions from the office account into her own bank accounts.  The acts were conducted unnoticed over a period of two and a half years.

Local newspaper, The Chester Standard, reported that: “The mother-of-one was in charge of a team of six cashiers who handled transactions of £10m to £15m every day.”

The defendant worked for TCS in Ellesmere Port.

Despite the unscrupulous breaches of trust and sustained periods of dishonest behaviour, Mclear-Dyer had no previous convictions and positive character references.  The report explains that the recently married young mother conducted the deception to fuel a gambling addiction and to pay for her wedding.

The court heard that from 17 small transactions in March 2015 she increased the number of illegal transactions to 113 in 2017 and 99 in 2018 before eventually being caught. In total, it is claimed that she managed to steal £323,528.

The Standard reports: “The company eventually picked up on irregularities and dismissed her following an investigation. She was arrested and made full admissions to the police.

Trevor Parry-jones, Mclear’s defence barrister, urged Judge Patrick Thompson to suspend the inevitable prison sentence, for the sake of her young child.

However, the judge disagreed because of the severity of the crimes, informing a tearful Mclear-Dyer that her sentence must be served immediately, stating: “You frittered away all this money. It can never be repaid.”

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