Leading financial powerhouse protect client money through Lawyer Checker

Global Wealth Manager UBS are the latest company to engage the services of Lawyer Checker in a bid to fight the criminal conveyancers.

With a 150 year heritage in wealth and asset management, UBS have registered with risk and compliance providers Lawyer Checker in a bid to minimise the risk of vendor conveyancer fraud on their transactions when sending mortgage funds to law firms. An international brand, UBS place the utmost importance on ensuring the protection of client money is at the top of their client service agenda.

Cyber-crime is prolific now, UBS recognise this and through their use of the Lawyer Checker system, they have an additional resource with which to mitigate the risk of losing client mortgage funds to fraudsters.

Are your client funds protected? Prevention is protection. Call 0800 133 7127 today to find out how you can enhance your risk regimen.


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