Law Society releases financial crime investigation note

The Law Society has urged all solicitors to read their latest practice note, particularly managing or senior partners, directors of risk, practice managers, money laundering reporting officers or staff appointed to respond to enquiries from law enforcement.

The note is designed to help navigate between the obligation to assist law enforcement attempts to investigate criminal offenses, while continuing to act in the best interests of the client.

This practice note aims to provide practical assistance on how to manage these competing obligations and provides a short overview of the main powers available to law enforcement when conducting financial crime investigations.

The Law Society note advises firms to put in place clear processes for managing requests from law enforcement agencies, dealing with clients who are the subject of investigations and liaising with relevant third parties.

It is also keen to point out that if you are the subject of a financial crime investigation, or are still unsure of how to appropriately comply with a request from law enforcement, you should seek legal advice from a specialist criminal law solicitor.

The full note can be found on their website.

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