Law Society president Jonathan Smithers vows to "learn lessons" from Veyo project

President of the Law Society Jonathan Smithers has vowed to learn lessons from the failure of the Veyo project.

Responding to an open letter written by Rob Hailstone, also sought to emphasise the operational independence of Legal Practice Technologies (LPT) and its employees from the Law Society itself.

Jonathan Smithers wrote: “Closing the Veyo project was a difficult decision made by the Law Society and Mastek after an independent review of the market, which has changed significantly, and the cost and time needed to get a product to market.

“We are sorry for the disappointment caused to conveyancers who were waiting for Veyo to be launched. We will learn lessons from this project and will ensure that changes are made and that the same mistakes are not repeated.

“Those who were responsible for running LPT which was an independent company from the Law Society, are no longer involved with the Law Society.

“Your other points are answered in the statement made by Legal Practice Technologies’ board earlier this month.”

Read the initial statement by Legal Practice Technologies here.

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