Law Society Wants Your Views On PC Fee

Last week, the Law Society has launched their annual consultation with solicitors about their Practising Certificate (PC) Fee.

The Law Society has announced that it has reduced it’s share of the fee by 10%, resulting in them receiving less than 30%. This has been driven by the challenges faced by solicitors and firms as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Around 70% of the fee covers the total costs of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), part of the costs of the Legal Service Board and the Legal Ombudsman, the full cost of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, and certain levies under the Legal Services Act.

Simon Davis, President of the Law Society, said:

“Now more than ever, we are very aware that we are spending members’ money to support the profession, firms and individual members through challenging times for the sector and society.”

“We are now consulting members about a £3 million reduction in our part of the PC fee for 2020-21. This is a 10% decrease.

“Although we propose to reduce our portion by £3 million, proposed increases elsewhere will result in a flat PC fee overall.

“Our planned reduction is part of a package of support which equates to approximately £4 million.”

This is made up of a reduction in the PC fee by the Law Society, driving down of operating costs, along with providing free training programmes, additional free-to-access webinars and support to help members deal with the challenges they and their firms will be facing.

It also includes targeted direct support with accreditation discounts for conveyancing and criminal members who are particularly suffering at the moment.

Finally, Simon Davis added:

“We have fulfilled our public interest role too, financially supporting charities focused on access to justice.

“We will keep this support and assistance under review as the impact on the profession becomes clearer.”

You have until the 10 July to take part in the consultation, which you can access here.

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