Law Society launch free cyber security training initiative (Topic of the Month – Technology)

The Law Society have introduced a free cyber security training scheme, which aims to provide conveyancers and legal professionals with the tools they need to protect their clients and businesses from cyber-attacks.

With many forms of documentation being created and held by conveyancing firms, this leaves you and your business a prime target for cyber threats. Robert Bourns, Deputy Vice President at The Law Society, says the course is to be considered essential for all conveyancers and legal professionals.

Bourns explains both professionals and their clients are at risk, and says, "Training to raise awareness and understanding for all involved in practice is an important part of protection.

"That is why we are supporting our members by providing this bespoke training package, developed in partnership with the government and other professional bodies."

The hour-long course has been designed not only to increase awareness of cyber risks and threats, but also show professionals how to prevent them. The scheme will also use examples to demonstrate how to handle breaches, should they arise.

Furthermore, the training compliments various other e-learning initiatives set up by the Government, including the Responsible for Information course that advises companies on data protection.

Though the scheme will be funded by a portion of the £860 million UK Cyber Security Strategy that’s been run by the Government since 2010, Ed Vaizey, Minister for the Digital Economy says it’s likely to save the industry "millions of pounds worth of damage."

Following the launch last week, the training scheme is being seen as a positive step by experts. KPMG, one of the UK’s leading providers of professional services, are planning to enhance their own training programme through introducing the new scheme within their business.

Anthony Hess, ‎principal advisor in KPMG’s cyber security team, comments "It’s a positive step to see the UK government offering this type of training to legal and accountancy firms.

"The fact is that lawyers and accountants handle some of the most sensitive and valuable client data; it is essential that they are up to speed with the latest threats, because if the clients are well defended and their advisors are not, attackers will simply move on to this easier target to achieve their aims."

"The government’s initiative will further enhance our own training and awareness programmes, continuing to raise cyber security awareness amongst our colleagues."

To find out more about the training scheme, or to access the course, visit The Law Society CPD Centre online.

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