Law firm release legal app for tax guidance

A law firm has recently launched an app to keep both businesses and individuals up to date with relevant legal news.

Designed to be simple and intuitive, the app released by law firm Moore Blatch aims to cover a variety of legal business areas, delivering information which is both important and easy to understand.

As well as this, the app also provides detailed tables and information regarding a wide number of tax issues; these range from standard individual taxation right through to savings and home buying.

Aiming to allow users to quickly work out additional costs such as VAT and inheritance tax, 20 financial calculators are also included in the app, along with other useful tools such as income and mileage trackers.

Access to numerous legal videos and blogs is also incorporated into the app, providing both Apple and Android users with a wide range of legal advice relevant to their business.

Commenting on the launch of the app was Mark Aston. The Head of Business Development at Moore Blatch highlighted the importance of legal awareness in business and the ease of keeping up to date through the use of their mobile application.

“A good grasp of both your responsibilities and your rights within the law is essential to running your life or a successful business.  Yet the law and, as importantly, the rules and taxation that surround it continually evolve and change so it is impossible to retain knowledge of all areas. This is where technology steps in and especially mobile technology such as our app, providing a single reference point to literally thousands of sets of information.”

The app can be accessed here, as well as from the Android and iTunes app store.

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