Law firm appoints recruitment specialist to attract best talent

Leading law firm Higgs & Sons is embracing a fresh approach to recruitment by bringing in a new in-house specialist.

Highly-experienced Claire Rankovic has joined as In-House Recruiter as the firm looks to ensure it can continue to attract the best talent into key positions while offering all candidates a positive and responsive experience throughout the process.

Claire started her career as a solicitor before moving into legal recruitment and is now seeking to proactively search out the best people for their opportunities. Claire said:

“In the past we have been very reliant on agencies and people applying for roles directly.

“With my appointment, the firm has a dedicated person in place to search for talent and to shout loud and proud about the best things Higgs has to offer.

“I have been in legal agency recruitment for a long time and have built an extensive network of candidates. Recruiting in the legal market now is all about relationships and connections and my role at Higgs & Sons is to promote this in the best possible way.

“The days of firms simply advertising in the Law Society Gazette are a thing of the past, it is a candidate-led market and the firm has had to become agile and adapt to this.”

Claire said she has plenty of ammunition to utilise, including the firm’s 140-year history, a strong reputation in the local and regional market which has nurtured a loyal and growing client base. Clients are at the heart of the Higgs’ approach to business and they are consistently striving to improve their service.

HR Director Sophie Wardell explains:

“Our people are at the core of what we do. We are looking to focus on offering a diverse, inclusive and flexible approach to working in the law and we believe this will inspire further growth and happier teams.”

Having recently joined Claire was struck by the friendly and welcoming vibe that has been cultivated here, your contribution to the firm is not only acknowledged but appreciated.

“I would encourage anyone who may be considering new options at the moment, or in the future to get in touch. The business is actively recruiting in a number of teams and there will be a variety of opportunities opening up, ranging from partner level appointments through to apprenticeships.”

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