Launch of When You Move signals tech revolution in conveyancing

  • Launching today, UK’s first technology-led conveyancer aims to overhaul property buying and selling process for agents, brokers and consumers
  • New research shows that conveyancing is ripe for reinvention in the eyes of estate agents, brokers and IFAs

When You Move, the UK’s first technology-led conveyancing service aimed at revolutionising the process of buying and selling property, officially launches today.

Headquartered in the centre of Watford, Hertfordshire, When You Move is a new type of conveyancing service with technology at its heart – and a clear mission to revolutionise the process of buying and selling property, for consumers and industry alike.

Co-founded by serial technology entrepreneur Peter Goodman and Managing Director Simon Bath, When You Move’s proprietary cloud software platform and mobile app give estate agents, brokers and consumers full visibility of conveyancing status in real time. Their aim is to implement the industries best practice and weave in best-of-breed technology to deliver the quality customer service and rapid turnaround times expected by today’s generation of ‘mobile-first’ consumers.

To celebrate its launch, When You Move today releases a new report, ‘Blowing the Dust off Conveyancing,’ investigating the current state of the conveyancing market. The survey of over 100 estate agents and mortgage brokers (or ‘introducers’) found that whilst 78% rate their conveyancing partners as ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent,’ there are clear issues especially around speed and communication. The report also found:

  • 45% of estate agents regularly look to improve their roster of conveyancing partners, and 87% are willing to consider new partners if they meet certain criteria
  • Introducers say that speed of closure and quality of communication are far and away the most important attributes in a conveyancing partner

“At When You Move, we know that delays and unhappy customers impact upon agents’ and brokers’ bottom lines. When You Move is the only truly technology-first conveyancing business, combining years of legal expertise with industry-leading technology to place customer service and efficiency at the heart of everything we do,” says Bath.

He adds: “Our innovative dashboard and consumer-facing mobile app ensure that conveyancing jobs are completed efficiently, with proactive status updates – for you and the customer – every step of the way. Our partners will never be in the dark over status or projected completion times again.”

Simon Marzell, Director at Insight Private Finance, is looking forward to referring customers to When You Move for their conveyancing needs. Simon comments in today’s report: “The way conveyancers operate is very self-centred. They don’t understand the process and are bogged down with what they’re trying to achieve. They don’t see the process around what happens and drag their feet… I’m hoping When You Move changes it.”

Bath continues: “The conveyancing market is ripe for an overhaul. As an industry, we need to look at where we’re failing consumers and look at how technology can help solve those problems.

“We want to become the conveyancing partner of choice for agents and brokers, by combining the best of the profession with industry-leading technology to deliver top quality customer service and rapid turnaround times.”

What makes different?

  • Prioritising communication

– When You Move’s team of experienced legal experts puts great communication at the heart of everything they do. No more ignored calls, unanswered emails or constant chasing for updates – for agents or the consumer.

– Agents’ and brokers’ time is precious: keeping the home buyer or seller updated isn’t their job – it’s the conveyancer’s. Customers are referred to When You Move, the team makes sure the customer gets all the information they need throughout the process.

– Using When You Move’s innovative dashboard, agents and brokers can keep fully up to date on how the sale or purchase is progressing – and rest assured that the customer can do the same via the consumer-facing mobile app.

  • Industry-leading completion times

– When You Move’s approach to workflow management means it will never be a bottleneck to the progress of the sale or purchase. No sitting on things while someone goes on holiday, or waiting to deliver a crucial update.

– When You Move takes a fresh approach to resourcing, assigning account teams around each project rather than individuals. This means the company can be flexible, ensuring delivery times are never affected.

– There’s also a dedicated team focused on solving specific problems that might derail a conveyancing process. This ensures that more complex issues get the appropriate level of attention without affecting other tasks.

  • Technology-led innovation

– When You Move is blending a fresh approach and cutting-edge technology with over 30 years’ of conveyancing experience and full CLC accreditation.

– When You Move’s partner dashboard gives agents and brokers real-time access to all the latest information relating to the sale, purchase or remortgage, reducing data entry outlay and enabling accurate completion predictions.

– When You Move is also launching the UK’s first mobile app designed to help consumers track the progress of their property purchase or sale, reducing the need for manual updates

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