Latest updates for conveyancers on Local Authority turnaround times

The largest local search data company in the UK, OneSearch Direct, keeps conveyancers abreast of Local Authority turnaround times.

Following the opening of the property market back in May, the pent-up demand and Stamp Duty Land Tax Holiday caused a huge strain on the sector, causing increasing delays at various points in the buying and selling process, from lenders and surveyors to conveyancers and local authorities.

It has been reported that the majority of Local Authorities are ‘coping exceptionally well’ but OneSearch Direct wanted to make those working in the property sector aware of those councils who currently have an extended turnaround time to “keep transactions moving; to retain a semblance of normality in these abnormal times.”

OneSearch Direct said:

“For Regulated Local Authority searches, the estimated turnaround time is subject to change. As with all search companies, we are currently experiencing a fluctuation in response times; however, we are working closely with Local Authorities to ensure the quickest turnaround and thank you for your patience.”

For an updated list of turnaround times click here.

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