Land Registry release developer pack to support new Business Gateway system

The Land Registry have published a Business Gateway developer pack, demonstrating how to implement their new business to business web services. The newly developed system offers CMS vendors and conveyancers the opportunity to streamline processes and access Land Registry e-services more efficiently.

The system being adopted will use Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) — an industry-proven form of communication which will aid the transfer data between service users and the Land Registry, using XML.

In depth information has been provided in the Business Gateway developer pack, detailing how you can implement the system within your practice, including guides on:

  • Architecture Overview: technical overview on the new service and process flows used in the Business Gateway.
  • .NET Implementation: how to create a basic C# Windows Form application to connect with the Business Gateway.
  • Vendor Testing: to assist software developers to test their interface with the web services.

An FAQ section has been included, which covers many of the questions that may arise when using the new system. The glossary will also help you understand the technical terms used and gain a better insight into the processes.

Business Gateway e-Document Registration Service (e-DRS) schemas are due to go live on 17th March. The Land Registry recommends that if you are planning on developing this area of your business, that you consider implementing the new versions prior to the release date.

To sign up to the system, contact the Land Registry Channel Partners team.

For more information and to access the developer pack, visit the Land Registry website.

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