Land Registry reaches 23 million milestone

Land Registry have announced that 23 million titles have now been registered since it’s creation of the Land Register in 1862.
Registration is said to provide greater security against fraudulent claims against property, greater certainty about the extent of the land owned and is also said to simplify conveyancing.
As the Land Register nears its 150th birthday we take a look at previous milestones:
By 1950 the first million titles had been registered.
1975 saw registered titles reach the five million milestone
Eight million titles had been registered by 1983
Ten million titles were registered by 1990
To put these figures into perspective compulsory registration was brought in piecemeal and didn’t stretch to the whole of England and Wales until 1990.  At this point, compulsory registration was only triggered by a sale of the property and it was to be a further 8 years before new triggers, such as assent of land, raising a mortgage on the land and gifts of land, were introduced.  It is also hard to believe that it has only been 21 years since the registers have been open to public inspection.
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