Land Registry moves to GOV.UK on 20th of August

The Land Registry will soon be moving its website content over to GOV.UK. On the 20th of August we can expect the existing Land Registry website to be switched off. From this date, GOV.UK will store all the information and relevant data from the current Land Registry website.


Up until the 19th of August, the Land Registry website and GOV.UK will be running parallel to one another until the content has been transferred over.


The Land Registry have said that the change will be ‘simpler, clearer and faster to search and find content.’ The transfer of information to GOV.UK will make it easier for users as ‘all government services are under one roof.’


Despite the changed location of the Land Registry website, existing web addresses and bookmarks will relocate you to GOV.UK or direct you to an archived page on The National Archives if content no longer exists.


Also note that the Land Registry portal for Business e-services customers and Find a property will not be moving and will be staying in the same place.


To stay up to date on the changes, visit the Land Registry blog at


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