Land Registry data shows which firms made the most applications to Land Registry in May – 5th July 2010

Today’s Conveyancer has used the Freedom of Information Act again to obtain from Land Registry to see which organisations are making the most applications to it.
In May the number of applications sent to Land Registry was 211,000 applications which represented a decline of 7% from the April figure of 226,000 applications.
Last month a number of our readers have asked us to confirm the title headings in the report. They are as follows:-
F/R –  means – First Registration.
DFL – means – Dispositionary First Lease (The grant of a lease capable of registration out of a registered title)
T/P – means – Transfer of Part (A disposition of part of a registered title)
DLG – means –  Dealing of whole of registered title)
A transfer is a dealing and a charge is a dealing.
Many banks and building societies continue to make applications in their own name however the overall numbers of applicants declined from 7598 in April to 7475 in May.
The median firm made 8 applications to Land Registry in May with just over 3700 making fewer than 8 applications.
The larger conveyancers generally saw their application numbers decline in line with the market. For example My Home Move the Leicester based volume provider saw reductions in applications from 806 applications in April to 725 in May.   A few stood out as increasing their market share such as Gordons Property Lawyers who increased their applications by over 10% month on month.
Today’s Conveyancer holds the data for all firms and should you wish to access information about your firm or other competitors in your locality please contact us.
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