Land Registry data released for April 2011

This month’s Land Registry data shows that some 190,000 Land Registry applications were made by account holders during April 2011, 16 per cent lower than the figures for this time last year.
Today’s Conveyancer obtains information every month from Land Registry to see which organisations made applications and which organisations made applications relating to transfers for value.
The applications data includes not only applications to register purchases but also notices and name changes of lenders etc.
The transfers for value data includes not only all the residential and commercial purchase transactions but also transfers of equity etc.
A staggering 60 per cent of the Land Registry applications were made by firms who only made between 1 and 10 applications, with only around 7 per cent of account holders submitting in excess of 50 applications during April.
It’s not really fair to compare the figures for April 2010 and 2011 as we have had more than the usual amount of bank holidays owing to an extra bank holiday for the Royal Wedding and also Easter falling in the same month.  You should still, however, look at the figures that Today’s Conveyancer reported on this time last year here.
The top 100 firms can be viewed here for all applications and here for transfers for value.  Whilst there are no real surprises within the top 100 it is clear that My Home Move and Countrywide Property Lawyers still appear to be significantly larger on the transactional side whilst Enact and Optima lead the all applications data presumably due to their remortgage volumes,
The figures seem to have dropped quite dramatically, in the last year, for some of the larger transactional conveyancers.  I guess a true indication of where the market currently stands will be more clearer when the Land Registry figures for May and June are available.
If you want to receive all the Land Registry information yourself you can print out the order form here.  On receipt of your completed form we will send you the All Account Holder information for 2010 together with a monthly update as and when the figures become available.
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