Land Data processes 20 million searches

Following its tenth anniversary earlier this year on Thursday last week, Land Data and NLIS celebrated the processing and delivery of the 20 millionth NLIS electronic search, at a lunch held at Land Data’s offices in London.
Whilst there are three channel licences in issue, the SearchFlow channel processed the search request from solicitors Streeter Marshall who instructed Reigate and Banstead Borough Council to supply official LLC1 and Con29 information for a property in Banstead.  The electronic request was sent through to the local land charges team at the council and returned to the solicitor in just one and half days. Champagne, gifts and certificates were presented to all the parties involved in the 20 millionth search transaction.
"20 million searches is a testament to NLIS meeting the needs of conveyancers who want authoritative, reliable and fast conveyancing data.  The NLIS electronic end-to-end model is a proven success, bringing benefits to the data providers; to conveyancers and ultimately to the consumer,” said Jan Boothroyd, Chief Executive of Land Data.
Whilst NLIS processes searches for six out of ten of all electronic conveyancing transactions in England and Wales not all transactions are completed as quickly as this one with average turnaround times now being in the region of 4.5 days.

NLIS Hub manager, Kate Crook commented: “We are delighted to celebrate 20 million searches in the year in which NLIS celebrates its tenth anniversary.  Another great milestone which we are able to celebrate this year, is that every local authority in England and Wales is now fully connected to NLIS with 86% returning searches electronically too.”  

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