Keystone launches solution for landlords struggling to get BTL finance

  • New Solutions Range of medium term buy to let finance
  • Available to landlords who fail to qualify for a buy to let mortgage

Following the success of the Classic and Premier Ranges, Keystone has announced the official launch of a new range created specifically for landlords who are still struggling to get finance in a buoyant buy to let market. The new Solutions Range, is a suite of medium term loans funded by Lancashire Mortgage Corporation.

Commenting on the launch, David Whittaker, managing director of Keystone said:

"Last month we ran a small pilot of the range, making it available to a select few brokers at FSE London 2014. We received numerous enquiries and already have a small number of applications underway. So far the administrative processes are working well, so we are now making the range available to all brokers.

"Despite increasing product availability in the buy to let market, lenders continue to take an extremely cautious approach to anything other than the most straightforward of applications. The Solutions Range dares to be different. It recognises that some applications do sit outside of typical lending criteria but often have common threads which, if assessed individually and carefully, make them low risk."

Some of the common reasons that applications are declined include:

  • Non-standard property type
  • Unacceptable tenant type
  • Complex ownership structure
  • Untidy credit profile Unacceptable income evidence


Whilst Keystone’s existing Classic and Premier Ranges already cater for some these scenarios, the lending criteria on the Solutions Range has been designed with greater flexibility.

Marc Goldberg of Lancashire Mortgage Corporation said:

"The products are aimed at both individual and corporate landlords who have failed to qualify for a buy to let mortgage but who require a more cost effective, progressive solution than bridging. We believe that the flexible, custom-fit approach to underwriting will help landlords looking to strengthen their financial position and capitalise on the ever-increasing demand for rental property. Crucially, the range provides a medium term solution for landlords who are currently struggling to get finance now but will be in a position to refinance or repay in three years’ time."

Rates start from 8.49% for individuals and 8.99% for limited companies with higher rates applied to borrowers with more untidy credit profiles. Loans are available from 55-70%. As would be expected fees apply, including a £199 assessment fee and a facility fee of 3% of the loan amount. There are also valuation and legal fees. The broker procuration fee is 0.75% on all completed case.

Full details can be found at

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